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Individual punchmark made of hardened 1.2379. The stamps are engraved with a fiber laser and so sharp inner edges can be realized which could not be milled traditionally. As a result, the logos are particularly crisp and there is greater degree of freedom in the design.

We recommend a minimum material thickness of 0.25 mm for a good durability of the stamp - better 0.4 mm for any lines.

The punch can be used for cold stamping of soft materials (e.g. construction steel, copper and aluminum alloys) or for hot stamping tool steel.
Only more robust logos without fine details and stamps with lower engraving depths (~0.5mm) are recommended for cold stamping of soft-annealed(!) C-steels. In this case they should never be used as hot stamps to avoid losing the required hardness.

Send us an email directly to to discuss the feasibility of your logo and to send us the necessary files before you order this item.

Punchmark - Makersmark with a custom logo

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