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[ About me ]


My name is Tobias Hangler - I am an enthusiastic blacksmith and metallurgist. The passion for the craft caught me in 2006.

After the first hammer blows on the glowing material, it was clear: there is no going back. Every day was used to develop my artisenal skills and to understand the effect of thermal treatment steps on the steel. But the more I researched, the more questions arose at the beginning and so I decided to study metallurgy at the Montan University in Leoben. This showed the connections

between science and craft. During this time, work in the forge was an ideal balance to the theoretical studies at the university.


After completing my studies - and more than 12 years after my first work on the anvil - it was time to set up my own forge. The enthusiasm for traditional work with fire and steel remained unchanged and formed the foundation of my work with the knowledge from my studies and my practical experience. Most of my handcrafted blades start between hammer and anvil - just like 1000 years ago. The decision whether blades are forged or manufactured using the stock removal process is purely quality-driven. I strive for perfection in the performance of the blades and spare no expense or effort to get closer to it. Thanks to profound knowledge in the field of steel research and heat treatment, I was able to transfer new knowledge and process improvements from science to the old craft: From thermomechanical hot rolling of steel blades, special heat treatment processes such as fluidized sand bed heat treatments, marquenching to water-cooled grinding during the entire process - this turns the blade into a precise and robust workpiece that will last a lifetime and longer in the right hands.


The greatest fulfilment for me is to create tools which are a joy to use, are characterized by their high quality and their long lasting value.




Since 2020 Tobias has been developing the steel ApexUltra together with Dr. Larrin Thomas and Marko Guldimann - It will become available for the first time in March 2022. It is a high-performance steel that was specially developed for
hand-forged chef's knife blades.


[ GoldVein ]

In 2021 David Wolkersdorfer, Abe Shaw and Tobias Hangler founded GoldVein and  they published the very first knife of its kind in November of the same year - a unique combination of gold and steel that sets new standards in the field of exclusive knives.


[ Youtube ]

In 2023, Tobias filmed a series of videos with insights and tips on the topic of bladesmithing together with the YouTube channel UKBladeshow as well as an extensive comparison of different heat treatment systems

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