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Steel: 1.3505 / 100Cr6 (not corrosion resistant)

Hardness: 63 +/- 1 HRC
Cut type: Convex, symmetrical grind

Construction: full tang
Handle wood: Bocote

Pins: stainless steel
Blade length (sharp): 170 mm
Blade width: 60mm

Blade thickness: 3.55 mm at the heel, 3 mm at the front end of the spine
Handle Length: 139mm

Handle thickness at widest point: 26.5mm

Total Weight: 325g

Center of Gravity: 20 mm in front of the end of the handle


This knife was made by Tobias as a showpiece during a course. The focus of the work is on the performance of the knife. The spine of the blade and the choil are rounded to prevent pressure points.



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