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Developed and manufactured to high quality standards, this forge-welded steel is perfect for making high-quality chef's knives using the stock removal process. Thanks to its excellent toughness with a hardness range of 63-68 HRC, ApexUltra outperforms other steels with such high hardness.

Recommended hardness range of the cutting layer: 63-68 HRC. Damascus with ApexUltra core layer, nickel diffusion barrier and Damascus cladding.

After forge-welding and forging/rolling, we normalize, grain refine and anneal the steel to save you these time-consuming steps as a knife maker and to get the best possible performance from the steel. So you can start sawing or grinding the contour straight away.

To bring out the natural texture of the steel, we gently remove the scale instead of just grinding the surface.

We straighten the steels as best we can in this step. Final straightening can still be beneficial after contour grinding and before hardening.

Recommended hardening: 830°C for 10 minutes, quenching in medium or fast oil. Temper at 175°C for 2x2 hours with cooling to room temperature before each tempering cycle. You can find more information on hardening in the ApexUltra data sheet: [].

The cutting layer makes up about 50% of the material thickness.

It is a raw material for making knives using the stock removal process. The pictures of the knives are merely examples of how this steel can be used; the knives are not part of the article offered here. The steels offered are not rustproof.

ApexUltra / Ni / 2x30 Layers Damascus Steel Cladding

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