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Steel: ApexUltra cutting layer with nickel as diffusion barriers and 80CrV2 cladding

 Hardness cutting edge: 66 +/- 1 HRC

 Hardness of top layer: 60+/- 1 HRC
Cut type: slightly convex grind

 Construction: Full tang
Handle wood: Desert ironwood burl

 Pins: Al

 Weight: 268g

 Center of gravity: 5 mm in front of the forge mark

 Total length: 360 mm
Blade length (sharp): 230 mm
Blade width: 60mm

 Maximum blade thickness: 3.4 mm

 Blade thickness at half blade length: 2.0 mm

 Blade thickness 20 mm before the point: 1.5 mm

 Performance oriented fit&finish

 Suitable for right and left handed users

 No.: 240401

K-Tip Gyuto 230x60mm

Sales Tax Included
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