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Steel: Damascus steel - 100 layers - C105 / Böhler K720 / 75Ni8 (forge welded Damascus - not corrosion-resistant)

Hardness: 63 +/- 1 HRC
Grind type: S-cut on both sides

Construction: full tang
Handlewood: stabilized burl maple
Pins: stainless steel
Blade length (sharp): 194 mm
Blade width: 63 mm

Blade Thickness: 2.7mm
Handle length: 130mm
Grip thickness at widest point: 22mm


This knife was made by Tobias as a showpiece during a bladesmithing class. The focus of the work is on the performance of the chef's knife. Despite the size of the knife, the double-sided S-grind ensures a relatively light blade. Together with the deep etching of the Damascus steel, this cut ensures a very good food release.



Bunka - Burl Maple - Damask

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