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Developed and manufactured to high quality standards, this forge-welded steel is perfect for producing high-quality chef's knives using the stock removal process. Thanks to its excellent toughness with a hardness range of 63-68 HRC, the ApexUltra Nickel Go Mai surpasses other steels with such high hardness.

  •  Recommended hardness range of the cutting layer: 63-68 HRC. 5-layer steel with ApexUltra core layer, nickel diffusion barrier and black-etching 80CrV2 as top layer.
  •  After forge welding and forging/rolling, we normalize, grain refine and anneal the steel to save you these time-consuming steps as a knife maker and to get the best possible performance from the steel. So you can start sawing or grinding the contour straight away.
  •  To bring out the natural texture of the steel, we gently remove the scale instead of simply grinding the surface.
  •  We straighten the steel as best as we can in this step. Further straightening can still be beneficial after contour grinding and before hardening.
  •  Recommended hardening: 830°C for 10 minutes, quenched in medium or fast oil. Temper at 175°C for 2x2 hours with cooling to room temperature before each tempering cycle. For further hardening advice, see the ApexUltra datasheet: [].
  •  The cutting layer makes up about 50% of the material thickness and is therefore easy to hit in the middle.

It is a raw material for making knives using the stock removal process. The pictures of the knives are merely examples of how this steel can be used; the knives are not part of the article offered here. The steels offered are not rustproof.

ApexUltra Nickel Go Mai

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