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[ Artesenal Work]


At the beginning there is steel in its original form - rough, cold and without form.

Only by a combination of fire and the fine balance between brute force and delicate work an unique piece is created - elegant, functional and with it's own character.

We at Bladesmith Hangler focus on high performance kitchen knives for the passionate cook as well as elegant and traditional austrian hunting knives. While we offer unique knives as well as small series of knives we also want to offer the unique experience of forging to you. There are slots for bladesmithing classes available for you or as an unique experience for your loved ones.

K-Tip Santoku aus schwarzem Damast

[ Guiding principle]


My personal goal is to create the longest-lasting chef's knife possible that is a joy use every day. I choose the right steel and the right manufacturing process for every knife in order to achieve the best quality - without compromise.


With forged knives, every blow of the hammer leaves traces in the steel and gives the workpiece not only a special character, but for many steels also a finer structure and leads to particular sharpness and edge retention.


[ News ]

A view behind the curtains

Here you can see recent impressions of my work as a bladesmith in the workshop close to Graz. You will also find a bit of knife knowledge, current projects and other news about what I am up to.

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