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Forge a knife yourself

and experience the old craftsmanship up close!

On the first day you will forge the knife to shape with hammer and anvil. Next the sparks will fly during contour grinding and the preparations for the heat treatments are made. This is when the steel will get the necessary hardness and toughness. On the second day we grind the bevels of the knife, attach the handle and sharpen the blade so that your very personal knife is ready for use.


A variety of handle materials and high-quality carbon steels are included in the price.

Additional costs for unusual handle materials and Damascus steels will be charged separately on site according to consumption.

The knives made of carbon steel and damascus steel in the bladesmithing courses are not stainless - they will patina in normal use and can rust if not taken care of properly.

Voucher bladesmithin class - 2 days

Sales Tax Included
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