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Steel: ApexUltra cutting layer, nickel diffusion barrier layer and 80CrV2 top layer (not corrosion resistant)

Hardness: 66.5 +/- 1 HRC
Grind Type: Convex Grind

Construction: full tang
Handle wood: stabilized oak

Pins: stainless steel
Blade length (sharp): 227 mm
Blade width: 58mm

Blade thickness: 3.5 mm in front of the handle, 2.9 mm at the front end of the spine
Handle Length: 132mm

Grip thickness at widest point: 26.5mm

Total Weight: 349g

Center of Gravity: 20mm in front of the end of the handle


This knife was made by Tobias as a showpiece during a course. The focus of the work is on the performance of the chef's knife. With its convex bevel and strong back, this heavy bunka is certainly not for friends of thin laser geometries. However, the thinly ground cutting edge and the core layer made of ApexUltra convince with its fine sharpness and edge retention despite the more robust geometry in use.


Bunka - Oak - Apex Ultra

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