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Register by phone, email or via social media, regardless of whether you want to purchase a finished knife, want to forge a knife yourself or give away a voucher - We look forward to your inquiry.

"The greatest joy for me lies in creating tools that bring joy every day, are characterized by quality and are therefore of lasting value."

After completing my studies - and more than 12 years after my first work on the anvil - it was time to found my own forging workshop. The enthusiasm for traditional work with fire and steel remained unchanged and formed the foundation of my work with the knowledge from my studies and my practical experience. Most of my handmade blades start between hammer and anvil - just like 1000 years ago. The decision whether blades are forged or manufactured using the stock removal process is purely quality-driven. I strive for perfection in the performance of the blades and spare no expense or effort to get closer to it. Through in-depth know-how in the field of steel research and heat treatment, I was able to transfer new findings and process improvements from science into the old craft: from thermomechanical rolling of blade steels, special heat treatment processes like the fluidized sand bed hardening set up to water-cooled grinding throughout the entire process - making the blade a precise and durable workpiece that will last a lifetime and longer in the right hands.

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